So Big: A Happy Fourth Birthday


We are so proud: Two Peds in a Pod® turns four years old today and our colleague, pediatrician Dr. Robert Sasson, wrote a sweet poem for us to share with our readers. Thank you, Dr. Bob!


Transition to Parenthood

 Her fingers stroked her glistening stretched skin

A kick…and yet another… her baby calling

 A wondrous Soul has chosen her



To partake in this Divine right of passage

 A smile…a glint of Joy



Rises from deep within



A boy…perhaps a girl

 So many emotions



Excitement. Anticipation.



Moments of anxiety…uncertainty…fear

 So many choices



Stay at home…return to work



Breast or bottle




 Unexplored territory…



Challenges that may at times seem insurmountable

 Arm yourselves with knowledge



For in knowledge there is power

                                        Gird yourselves with courage



For a unified heart is the soil 



For your baby’s nourishment

 Strengthen your shared purpose for



You will find yourselves on rocky ground

When in conflict



Seek not to find your partner’s weakness



Return always to a place of Love



And seek first to understand

 For when your baby looks up and smiles at you



You will know the beauty of her Soul



Because she is yours and you are hers



Bonded together for Eternity

 Love her…squeeze her…comfort her

 Give her the proverbial



“Roots to grow and wings to fly”

 This you must always remember!


Bob Sasson, MD
Dr. Sasson’s collection of poetry and photographs Visions of Thought can be found at www.authorhouse.com

©2013 Two Peds in a Pod®