Pseudo flu

vomitAward-winning journalist, mystery book author, and syndicated humor columnist Nicole Loughan interviews Two Peds about the “stomach flu” vs “real flu.”
Drs. Lai and Kardos

Despite up to date flu shots, my children and I found ourselves holding our hair back and praying to the porcelain goddess last week. I wondered why this terrible flu had happened to us? This rhetorical question usually just lingers, but this time, I had a chance to get answers and took it. I got the ear of Dr. Naline Lai, MD, FAAP and Julie Kardos, MD, FAAP from Two Peds in a Pod and cornered them about why exactly my brood and I experienced a terrible flu this season, and what we could have done to prevent it, and what’s to blame for it.

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Nicole Loughan

Nicole writes for two daily newspapers in the Greater Philadelphia area, blogs as “The Starter Mom,” and has two books out: To Murder a Saint and All Saints’ Secret. She is the mom of two young children.