Interviews, Podcasts, and Other Media Coverage

Two Peds appeared on NPR’s Here & Now with host Robin Young

Dr. Kardos and Dr. Lai spoke with host Robin Young on Here & Now, NPR’s live midday news program. Listen in as they discuss topics including how Two Peds in a Pod is different from sites like WebMD, how fads like “booby bracelets” and “erasing” are linked to children’s health, and more. (Click on the audio player and skip to 33:22.)

Two Peds records a continuing education podcast series for physicians

Dr. Kardos and Dr. Lai help educate their peers through a podcast entitled “Stuff I Never Learned in Residency.” Listen to a sample podcast in which they talk about helping parents transition their babies from bottles to cups. The podcast is offered by Hippo Education, which delivers cutting-edge medical education to clinicians around the world.


Two Peds appeared on local television

Ever wonder how much sleep your child needs? Watch this interview now and find out. Dr. Kardos and Dr. Lai talked about the importance of sleep on Parent Connections, a show run by CBCares on CBTV local access cable for Central Bucks School District.





How to Know If Your Toddler Has Autism

“Do not be afraid of looking for a diagnosis. He will be the same child you love regardless of a diagnosis. The only difference is that he will receive the interventions he needs.” Two Peds authored this article on MedPage Today’s

Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics, Third Edition

Dr. Lai served as an associate editor for this pediatric visual diagnosis book, which helps clinicians quickly identify distinguishing characteristics, treatment guidelines, and more.

Smart Medicine: Two Peds Are Better Than One 

“It’s our dream to be able to go beyond the 30 patients we see everyday. We can talk to people during the day in our offices, but we knew if we had a site we could educate a lot more.” Read more in this interview with Dr. Kardos and Dr. Lai in Philadelphia magazine online.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

“When serving food to your children and their friends, avoid a community bowl. Don’t put all the popcorn into one bowl for sharing. Instead, make individual bowls of popcorn.” For more common sense advice on preventing the spread of germs, read this article penned by Two Peds on

Speaking Engagements

We speak at venues ranging from living rooms and libraries to children’s museums and convention centers, addressing concerns of parents and teachers as well as fellow physicians.

For example:

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