A “cool” novel use for a diaper

Stumbled onto a novel use for a diaper, courtesy of the nursery nurses at Doylestown Hospital.

Diapers make a perfect ice pack.  At the end of the diaper which has adhesive tabs, make a hole in  the inner lining.  Push your hand into the diaper to separate the the lining from the back of the diaper.  This will make a pouch.  Put crushed ice into the pouch and roll the end of the diaper with the hole a couple times.  Secure with adhesive tabs. Now you have a soft, waterproof ice pack which will remain cool as the ice melts and is absorbed by the gelatinous diaper innards.

Perfect for all sorts of boo-boos.

When I told one of my patient’s mom about this hint today, she told me that she used a number 5 diaper when her water broke.  I suppose Plato was right: necessity is the mother of invention.

Naline Lai, MD and Julie Kardos, MD
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