Dr. Julie Kardos and Dr. Naline LaiTwo Peds in a Pod is proudly brought to you by Dr. Julie Kardos and Dr. Naline Lai.

We are practicing pediatricians.
We met and became friends during our pediatric residency training at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In practice now for over 20 years, we are board-certified primary care pediatricians in The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network. Currently, Dr. Kardos is also on-staff at St. Mary Medical Center and Dr. Lai is also on-staff at Doylestown Hospital in Bucks County, PA. We also serve on the advisory board of Happy Healthy Kids.

We are moms.
We are both married with three children apiece. A lot goes on between yearly check-ups with your child’s doctor. We understand that parents have questions about their children outside of office visits and turn to the Internet for answers. Two Peds in a Pod was launched in 2009 in order to provide a warm place for you to find common-sense, accurate, concise information.  

We are bloggers and guest speakers.
We’ve published over 500 posts and received great feedback from readers and the community. At times our medical advice crosses over into social commentary — for example, when fads like silly bands are cutting off circulation, or fashion trends like Uggs are creating stinky feet. Other professionals such as teachers, grief experts, and psychotherapists guest blog to give parents the full picture of what goes on with kids today. We also give talks around the country and record podcasts for fellow physicians — learn more about our public outreach.

We are glad you found us!
We are driven to write because of families like yours. We write to share the joy of raising children. Join us on our online journey around the world. Please help our outreach continue to grow by letting other parents know about our site, commenting, and sending ideas for future topics. Or invite us over for a “house call” at your next event.

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Pictured above, left to right: Dr. Naline Lai and Dr. Julie Kardos.



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  • Reply Rachelle Collin Stewart September 13, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    Drear DRs, Thank you so much for posting the MRSA and Children interview. My 12 y/o son last week suffered awful, constant, clear mucus nose blowing (likely from seasonal allergy). By day 5 his nose was raw, swollen and crusty in nostrils and extended below nostril on one side. And a bizarre blister like formation on his thumb. Certain it was some impetigo infection to the Pediatrician we went. He cultured the inside of nostril, provided RX for oral Cefadroxil and topical Mupirocin which we took for 3 and a half days. Today his office called and said they were submitting a new RX for Sulfamethoxazole. When I asked why they shared his culture was reported as MRSA – and that was really all the info I was given. Being a Sat afternoon, I knew Dr’s hours were over. So I did what most folks do and turned to the internet. After reading multiples articles and scary statistics (incl. fatalities), I started to panic thinking I had to notify the school board and every child he had been in contact with for the last week -(finger had been bandaged) but what if he sneezed on someone? Yup, I was panicking! Fortunately, I remembered your website and was delighted to find info on the subject. I am much more calm now! I never really had understood the MRSA bacteria before and the article was most valuable in helping me understand the bacteria. I’ve discussed the importance of handwashing and no nose picking (he is a boy)…to ensure he heals and reduces any threat to his friends, teammates and classmates. And our fingers are crossed that he will respond to this new antibiotic. Thanks for posting the great information! And.. Julie I hope you and your boys are doing well.

  • Reply Diane Weiss January 6, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Dr. Kardos & Dr. Lai,
    As the Parenting & Development Specialist for our Pediatric Practice, Weiss Pediatric Care, I have long been an appreciative follower of your blog. It is truly spectacular, having the perfect combination of personal experiences and expert advice and guidance.

    Because we are always trying to enhance our patient education around asthma, I was especially pleased to read your blog Asthma Meds Made Simple. It would be wonderful if we could provide access to this blog to all of our patients. Would you consider allowing us to repost your blog on our blog, of course giving full credit to you? I don’t know whether that’s ever done, so we completely understand if you’d prefer we not do that. But if you would be agreeable, we would be honored to be able to repost this blog. Our website is http://www.weisscare.com, and you can find our blog at http://www.weisspediatriccare.com/blog/

    Thank you for considering our request.

    I remain your loyal follower!

    Best regards,

    Diane Weiss, MS
    Weiss Pediatric Care
    Parenting & Development Specialist

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  • Reply Joy March 24, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Do you have an email list for new posts? Please do add me! I’m a mom of twins, love your site!

    • Reply twopedsinapod March 24, 2016 at 9:10 pm

      Hi Joy- Congratulations! Absolutely, if you go to our website from a computer scroll down on left you will find the email subscription area. Lets us know at twopedsinapod@gmail.com if you do not receive posts. People often also use Facebook to follow us.

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  • Reply Jay Jermo February 8, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Hi Docs,

    Just wanted to reach out as our family owns and operates a raw honey bee farm (apiary) in Michigan. I am constantly asked about how honey can benefit kids who are coming down with cold or flu. We raise a number of single pollen honey types, darker types being more efficient at coating the throat tissue below sinus drainage. Always looking for new blogs to contribute to and thought we should reach out to more people in the medical field. Please let us know if we can help.


    Jay Jermo
    Hey Honey LLC

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