Top Ten Skills You Acquire as a Father

In honor of Father’s Day, we bring you our second “Top Ten” list.


Top ten skills you acquire as a father:


10. The ability to attract swarms of women if you walk in the park or the grocery store with your infant.


9. Tolerance of temperature extremes at the skating rink or on the ball field.

8. Not being completely grossed out by spit up on your nicely pressed shirt.

7. The ability to sit patiently through a 3 hour ballet recital, school music concert or graduation.


6. The ability to sit patiently through an endless one hour television show featuring some sort of dancing and singing animal and then to stand in an hour long line to buy the stuffed toy version of the animal.


5. The skill to coach teams for which you last played the sport twenty years ago.


            4. The ability to swing a child, “again!”, “again!”,  and “again!”

3. The ability not only to get through a day after one (or many) completely interrupted night’s sleep, but to wake up in the morning having forgotten about the interruptions.

2. An ability to seize the moment and create great memories for your child: you ignore the dishes, the garbage, and the dirty bathrooms in lieu of an impromptu wrestling match.

1. Ability to love more than you ever thought possible, and the ability (finally) to understand just how much your father loves you.

Happy Father’s Day from Two Peds in a Pod!

Julie Kardos, MD and Naline Lai, MD

© 2010 Two Peds in a Pod

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