Of Bracelets and Breast Exams

Move over liveStrong bracelets, move over Silly Bandz. Just when you thought you threw away the your last Oriental Trading Company gadget, here come “I Love Boobies” bracelets.  As I see the newest overpriced piece of fashionable rubber dangle from my daughter’s wrist, I sigh at the cost, but console myself that at least the money goes towards breast cancer research.  Use the bracelets as a reminder to teach your girls to do monthly breast exams. The American Cancer Society recommends monthly self-breast exams starting at age twenty. However, most pediatricians recommend starting exams earlier. Breasts are full of normal lumps and bumps and your teen or young adult should know her baseline. For directions on conducting a breast exam refer to American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s online pamphlet . Yes, even a fashion accessory can turn into a parental teaching point. Now what do jeggings teach kids?

Naline Lai, MD with Julie Kardos, MD

©2010 Two Peds in a Pod

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