Winter reminder: shovel well to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

While much of the US is getting pummeled by the latest snow storm, we want to remind everyone to shovel out space around your home’s furnace vent. While some furnaces vent out of a home’s chimney, other vents are located just two feet off the ground on the side of the house. If these vents become blocked with snow, deadly carbon monoxide levels can build up inside the home.  Aim for three feet of snow clearance around the vents.

We thank Dr. Lai’s sister Melisa Lai, MD, toxicologist and emergency room physician in Boston who has treated patients with carbon monoxide poisoning, for reminding us of this winter storm hazard. For more about keeping safe from carbon monoxide, please see our earlier post on this subject.

Naline Lai, MD and Julie Kardos, MD
©2011 Two Peds in a Pod®

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