Bye-bye food pyramid, hello myplate

Teach nutrition with MyPlateWe love it! With MyPlate, the United States Department of Agriculture’s new depiction of “a good diet” is easier to understand than the food pyramid. Mentally cut your kid’s plate in half. On one side are fruits and veggies, on the other side are grains and protein. The dairy is represented by a cup. Check out for all sorts of hints including a personal plan which calculates the amount of each food group kids (and adults) above two years old need daily.

We’re wondering when people will start hearing about the “new pyramid”. We think the food pyramid gained prominence partially because of it’s visibility on cereal boxes. After all, we all stare groggily at the back of cereal boxes while eating breakfast.  In the food pyramid days, grains were a large part of the pyramid base. Will the cereal companies have as much incentive to post MyPlate if grains have been relegated to a quarter of the plate?

We’ll find out.

Naline Lai, MD and Julie Kardos, MD

©2011 Two Peds in a Pod®

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