It’s National Sleep Awareness Week: nothing to snooze at


Wake up!


Remember that sleeping, along with eating, peeing and pooping, is an essential of life that helps your child (and you) function well. Inadequate sleep is associated with obesity, learning difficulties, behavior problems, and emotional lability (gotta love the whining of an overtired kid.)

In honor of the National Sleep Foundation’s National Sleep Awareness Week, which ends on March 11when Americans “spring ahead” the clocks and we ironically lose one hour of sleep, please refer to our earlier podcasts and blog posts on sleep. We invite you to learn about how to teach healthy sleep habits to your kids and yourselves (the parents). 

The podcasts:
Sleep Patterns of the Newborn
Helping your baby to sleep through the night
-“There’s a monster under my bed”: all about nightmares, night terrors, night wandering, and bedwetting
The tired teen

The blog posts:
-Sleep Safety: How to decrease your baby’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

-Parents of newborns: get your Zzzzzs back
I Need a Nap!
Wake up, sleepy-head, it’s time for school!

When your child’s bedtime seems too late, or, will I ever get a late night alone with my spouse again?

Julie Kardos, MD and Naline Lai, MD
©2012 Two Peds in a Pod®

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