Potty Talk: the “Scoop On Poop” on philly.com


We’re pleased to bring to the Greater Phildaelphia Area our “Scoop on Poop” post which was published in the Healthy Kids blog for Philadelphia Inquirer’s philly.com.

Although many can not talk about the topic without snickering, face it. “Poop” is an essential of life. If pooping gets thrown off, everything gets thrown off. The kid who won’t poop in the potty sets everyone else in the household off kilter, and leads to bribes, threats and chaos. A constipated kid is a grumpy kid.  Constipation can lead to tantrums, refusal to eat, and even an inability to fall asleep. If you still have have infant and toddler poop questions, check out our podcast on potty training and our post “When potty training gets hard: constipation.”  On a related topic, please also visit our post “It’s a Gas, your young infant’s burps and farts.”

Until you are a parent, you can never fully appreciate the fierce desire for “everything to come out okay in the end.”

Julie Kardos, MD and Naline Lai, MD
©2012 Two Peds in a Pod®


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