Happy Father’s Day 2015

father's day poem

Enjoy Father’s Day, and enjoy the following poem written by our pediatrician colleague at CHOP Care Network Newtown, Dr. Bob Sasson. It depicts a common parenting quandary.– Drs. Kardos & Lai

The New Bicycle

Bursting with Joy

She mounts her new bicycle

Pink and blue streamers

Extend from the white rubber grips

At the end of the shining handlebars


With unbridled excitement

She presses down hard on the pedals

The wheels begin to turn


She giggles with glee

Smiling at the neighbors

As she moves quickly past the nearby houses

Her youthful energy exuberant

Spilling over with an abundance

Of Vitality and Joy


Turning back to see her parents approving eyes

She smiles…loses her focus…

The bicycle tumbling to the ground

A scrape of her knee…a trickle of blood

A moment of Hesitation

Looking back again

Awaiting her parent’s cues


How will they respond?


How would you?


By Robert Sasson, MD

Visions of Thought

A collection of inspirational imagery and poetry, 2008


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