Thank-you Magic: Happy Thanksgiving 2019

thank-you: teaching manners

Manners can work magic. Here’s how, when, and why to say “thank-you” to your children.

“Thank-you for bringing your plate to the sink,” to your 2-year-old becomes “Thank-you for clearing the table,” to your 8-year-old becomes “Thank-you for cooking dinner,” to your 14-year-old.

“Thank-you for putting your clothes in the hamper,” to your 3-year-old becomes “Thank-you for folding your clothes,” to your 6-year-old becomes “Thank-you for doing the laundry,” to your 10-year-old.

“Thank-you for sharing your toy with your sister,” to your four-year-old becomes “Thank-you for babysitting your sister,” to your 13-year-old.

“Thank-you for climbing right into your car seat,” to your 3-year-old becomes “Thank-you for buckling your seat belt before I drive,” to your 9-year-old becomes “Thank-you for driving over to the store for more milk,” to your 16-year-old. 

“Thank-you for the hug,” to your 1-year-old becomes “Thank-you for the hug,” to your 5-year-old becomes “Thank-you for the hug,” to your 15-year-old becomes “Thank-you for the hug,” to your 50-year-old.

May your Thanksgiving include many servings of “thank-you.”

Happy Thanksgiving,

Julie Kardos, MD and Naline Lai, MD
©2019 Two Peds in a Pod®

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