What to do about childhood obesity-part 1

Worried about your overweight child? Last week we gave a talk in which we outlined six simple rules which you can use as a starting point for getting your child to a healthy weight. We also discussed ways to change our “culture of overeating” which unfortunately teaches our children to eat even if they are not hungry. 

While the copy of the video recorded on the auditorium equipment did not turn out,  the good news is that the presentation was captured on a different camera. It’s a little blurry, and the recording starts after the introduction slide (pictured here), but the audio is fine… think of it as an augmented pod cast. 

We wish to thank our attendees for their many questions and for engaging in thought- provoking dialogue at the end of the session.  Stay tuned for part 2.

Naline Lai, MD and Julie Kardos, MD
©2011 Two Peds in a Pod®

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