Two Years Old!

All about Two

Happy Birthday to us: Two Peds in a Pod is two years old today. In honor of this momentous day, we share some of the ups and downs of two-year-olds.

Upside: They can communicate in two word sentences (“more milk!”).
Downside: They can communicate in two word sentences (“no nap!”).

: They start to play “dress up.”
Downside: They nearly strangle themselves with princess necklaces and super hero capes.

Upside: They have long afternoon naps.
Downside: They start to outgrow long afternoon naps.

Upside: Endearing altered sense of reality
Downside: They have no common sense—they would walk off a cliff.

Upside: They love water play.
Downside: They demand “let go!” in a swimming pool.

Upside: They start to show interest in potty training.
Downside: They still occasionally poop in the bathtub.

Upside: They love to give gooey sticky kisses.
Downside: They love to give gooey sticky kisses to runny nosed-friends, the dog, the pet turtle, and the stuffed animal that accidentally spent the night in the backyard.

Upside: They love to explore and use their hands to finger paint and squish play-dough.
Downside: They will find and poke at every piece of already-chewed gum that they find on the sidewalk.

Upside: They are the perfect size to fit in your lap.
Downside: They are the perfect height for cutting their eyebrow on the corner of the kitchen counter as they run by.

Upside: Their determination.
Downside: How long their tantrums can last.

Upside: All the educating we’ve been able to do over the past two years through Two Peds in a Pod. All of our readers’ comments and suggestions. And there’s so much more to write about.
Downside: None!

We are thrilled to have more-than-doubled our daily hits, our email subscribers, and our Facebook friends this past year. We’re now the second entry when you Google the words “Pediatrician Blog.” Please keep the momentum going, continue the dialogue, tell other parents about us and send ideas for blog posts at

Enjoy a birthday cupcake on us.

Julie Kardos, MD and Naline Lai, MD

©2011 Two Peds in a Pod®

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