Another picture puzzle- connect the dots

pulpitistoesWe had such a great response to our Two Peds in a Pod® visual diagnosis post that we are posting another summertime picture puzzle:

What is it? Pictured below are the toes of one of my best friend’s toddler. She is happy, has no fever, and plays nearly everyday in the neighborhood pool. The round shiny pink bumps and dots on her toes appeared yesterday morning and haven’t changed much in a day. They don’t seem to bother her very much… answer below.

It’s Swimming pool pulpitis- a fancy word for a reaction of the pulp (the meaty tip) of fingers or toes. Mostly seen on the finger tips, the pulpitis is usually caused by irritation of the fingers by the rough side of the swimming pool as kids pull themselves in and out. Kids are sometimes annoyed by the dots, but they go away on their own as soon as the kids decide to use the ladder. In this case, this little swimmer irritated her toes, not her fingers, while “monkey walking” along the side of the swimming pool in the water.

Naline Lai, MD with Julie Kardos, MD

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originally posted June 2011
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