On letting go and coming back

Friends make birthdays better

I have been musing ever since our hosting site told us they were switching blog platforms. In a blink of an eye, our blog was slated to disappear. The dynamic Two Peds in a Pod community would be plunged into silence. At first, disbelief gave away to intrigue. Was this a sign to change personal paths? As I started to think of all the things I could do with the time that I would have spent writing the blog, my to-do list grew and grew. I could hear my son’s closet, overflowing with outgrown clothing, crying out to be re-organized.

When I told friends of the opportunity to dissolve the blog, I heard time and time again “I think you should save it.” Even friends without children were aghast. When I told my own children that the blog was on the verge of imploding they looked at me blankly and said, “Why would you stop writing for Two Peds?”

Then I remembered the mom who read our article on croup seven times in one night. I remembered Dr. Kardos’s patient whose dad said our strep throat article  helped him decide not to cut his family’s vacation short. I thought of the many times parents thanked me  for posts which allayed their fears of fever.

The blog did eventually stop when the old hosting site went down. But as my friends and family reminded me, the goal of the blog is to positively impact children globally by guiding their caretakers; and by the time the blog went down, we had reached nearly three million views. Two Peds in a Pod is “Practical pediatrics for parents on the go.” After more thought, I decided it would be difficult to accomplish this goal from the back of one of my kid’s closets.

So today, I am happy to post that the stop was just a temporary suspension. I credit my friends and family for reminding me of the original goal of the blog. In particular, thanks to Dr. Kardos. While I was mulling, Dr. Kardos was busy staying up past midnight valiantly importing posts from the rapidly fading old site.

We’re back, albeit a little rough around the edges as we construct the new site. And it’s just in time for our 5th birthday!

Thanks, my friend, Dr. Kardos. I wouldn’t be able to blow those candles out without you.

Happy 5th Birthday Two Peds in a Pod- may there be many more.

Dr. Lai

Naline Lai, MD and Julie Kardos, MD
©2014 Two Peds in a Pod®


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