Top parenting New Year’s resolutions 2018

new years resolutions for parenting

A lot of life’s issues boil down to the essentials…eat, sleep, drink, pee, poop, love and learn… for your child and yourself.  We are here to help you to carry out your parenting New Year’s resolutions in all of these areas.

1- Eat  Resolve to help your picky eater become less picky. Become more patient and creative in helping your children eat new foods.

2- Sleep Resolve to fix your child’s sleep problems. Help create a reasonable bedtime routine for your baby and end night time wakenings, and help your tired teen get better sleep.

3- Drink This year resolve to wean your toddler from the bottle/breast to a cup.

3- Pee Resolve to help your child avoid urine accidents and gain a better understanding of bed-wetting.

4- Poop For parents of newborns: resolve to help your gassy baby. For parents of toddlers: resolve to end the battle of the potty and encourage your child to potty train in a peaceful, non punitive and non-controlling way.  Help solve your child’s tendency to hold onto poop, which leads to constipation.

5- Love and Learn to understand your child’s developmental abilities in order to discipline appropriately and have reasonable expectations. Learn how and when to use “time out.”For your teen, learn how to talk with them. Help your child learn to “go it alone,” and calm test/school work anxiety.

As for us, we resolve to continue to be your source of dependable pediatric advice. We resolve to keep current with pediatric advances, remain honest, and treat your family with respect and care as we help you grow your children into confident, independent adults.

Wishing you health and peace in the New Year,
Drs. Kardos and Lai

©2018 Two Peds in a Pod®

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  • Reply Michele Massie January 10, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    A little shocked you would recommend weaning from the breast. ☹ I would hope that the very least you would encourage parents to nurse a little bit longer and to wean a bit slower. That being said, there is nothing wrong with getting them used to a cup. You can continue to breastfeed AND give a cup of water or other drinks.
    WHO recommends nursing for a MINIMUM of two years, and then continuing as long as mom and child want. My 4 and 2 year old still nurse a few times a day. They also are quite masterful with the cup ? and eat a ton of food. However the breastmilk, which small studies have shown is concentrated for toddlers, rounds out their nutrition, prpvides stem cells, antibodies, and food the the bacteria in their gut. So much goodness!! (And while nursing toddlers it is often impossible to get anything by pumping, so putting breastmilk into a cup is not an option)

    • Reply twopedsinapod January 14, 2018 at 3:21 pm

      Applauding your passion for breast milk! If you are still affiliated with any prenatal support groups and pregnant woman, please reach out- we find initiating and sustaining breastfeeding in the first few weeks is the toughest part, and we don’t get an opportunity to meet the moms until after delivery. Also, in your work place, please advocate for areas and the time to pump without penalty.


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